Welcome to Bali Heritage Pigs Farm

Self Sustainable Balanced Ecosystem

Our Bankal Hitam boutique piggery

More than just a farm

Located in Jalan Raya Bedugul-Baturiti, Bali Heritage Pig farm is home for over a 100 pigs, but also for other animals, like goats, ducks and chickens. We have papaya trees, corn, pumpkin, larvae, green house, etc. It's our sustainable ecosystem.

We prefer working with nature rather than against it. We designed our farm with the principles of permaculture in mind – harvesting rainwater, benefiting from our animals’ rooting and natural fertilisers, while growing fruits and vegetables for food and shading in order to achieve an enclosed virtuous circle. Ad all that 100% organic. The philosophy relies on the development of pure natural foods that are grown with a commitment to the natural cycle of nature rather than falling victim to modern chemical shortcuts.

We also prefer including communities rather than competing against them. Because our farm is located in the highlands of Bali, our farmers are also from the area. The love and attachment that they carry for their land are both precious ingredients to farming right. Their well-being is important to us too, which is why we reserve a few piglets every month for them to breed their own herds.

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