Welcome to Bali Heritage Pigs

The only free range organic pig farm in Indonesia

Raised chemical and stress free

Fed with love & homegrown food

Pigs for purchase in Bali most likely have been fed with scraps and other kitchen waste to reduce the bill in the Pig factories. Foods that contain meat products or that have had contact with meat products may contain viruses, which can cause severe disease in pigs and affect other’s livestock (see recent African swine flu disaster). For this reason, we feed our pigs only homegrown, organic food or from sources we know. As a result, our pigs practically never get sick.

A huge part of the unique taste of our pigs has to do with the food they get. Hence we are committed that we only feed our pigs with the best nutrition sources to preserve pigs with exceptional flavour and quality, for a breed that is close to extinction. This heritage breed is fed 3 times a day with a mix of following vegetarian sources:

Our pigs enjoy an organic diet, designed by an animal nutritionist to ensure we can raise them to perfection.

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